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Progressive Educational Experiences in Caribbean Cultures (PEECC - pronounced PEAK) a non-profit foundation officially established on the island of St. Maarten on October 11th, 1999, is a satellite office of its United States based headquarters. PEECC has over 18 years experience in design, development and delivery of social service programs. PEECC has successfully serviced over 10,000 clients since its inception. PEECC has received commendations for the design and implementation of economic development programs nationally and internationally. Vocational trades preparation, entrepreneurial training, post-secondary school placement, and employment training and placement retention are the cornerstones of PEECC’s programs.

The corporation is organized for educational, scientific and charitable purposes servicing the community by providing customized social, economic development and educational services primarily on enhancing the ability of members of disadvantaged populations to obtain literacy, workplace skills, and retain gainful employment.

PEECC has performed contracts for a vast array of United States governmental agencies which include federal, state, and local governments, international agencies as well as non-profit and private sector industries. PEECC has successfully implemented its entrepreneurial training program (ETP) over 100 times in more than 37 cities, including San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten.

Organizational Qualifications
PEECC has consistently met contractual performance standards for both private and public sector clients. In addition, PEECC has established a Consulting Services Group of academic scholars and technical specialists with extensive management training experience. Our consulting service group comprises over 100 international associates and volunteers, supporting the firm’s short-term training engagements. Our website (www.peecc.org) provides an interactive environment for clients, consultants, volunteers and partners. PEECC has successfully provided training services to more than 2500 in-school youth, 400 out-of-school youth and 500 adults age 25+ worldwide.

Mission Statement

PEECC’s prime mission is to build better futures for its clients, by equipping them with the tools they need that will empower them to reach their potential as self-sufficient individuals, parents, employees, and citizens. PEECC focuses on customizing workforce development programs for unskilled, minimally educated, unemployed, and transitional youth and adults.

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